Implementation, Visualisation, Automation

Streamlining & Efficiency

Often there is a process that consumes a large part of a person's day on a regular basis. To find the answer you need or perform a routine task we'll automate to reduce the time to a click of a single button. So in seconds you will have what you need.

Unleash the Power of Microsoft Excel

Excel is a powerful business tool and is capable of a lot more than you may think. By combining this with our Excel expert knowledge, and in some cases linking in a database solution, it's not a case of what can it do but what do you need it to do!

Power BI - Visualising for Decision Making

Your business may produce vast amounts of data or is it a case of 'What is the best way to present the information?'. Our extensive experience, with clients large and small, can help you visualise the data to make better business decisions.

Help & Support

Whether you have inherited an unwieldy large spreadsheet with broken formulae, or your business wants to take advantage of our bespoke Excel Training courses. We are there to help your business become more productive.

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Excel Spreadsheet Automation

Nirvana Creative Production House's sales data didn't match the invoiced data being produced by their estimating system, and the task to work through to find the discrepancy was both difficult and time consuming.

In solving the problem we took time to understand the process and created an application to bridge the gap that produces a report that is used to understand both where the errors are and how they were being created.

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Business Data Manipulation

For Carter Jonas LLP when it came to billing costs for an ongoing project the formatting and production of each document had reached the point where it would take two people a day a month. The permutations and the logic to manipulate the data and generate the documents made for a really complex task.

To remedy this the data manipulation process was automated using Excel, so now all one person needs to do is press a button and the documents are produced in seconds not days!

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Data Visualisation

Mobile Phone business A1 Comms receive millions of rows data each year for the commission payments from the Mobile Network supplier. Errors in the data can equate to large sums of commission not being paid correctly.

A number of years of detailed analysis has now been undertaken, and the results visualised in Excel as a financial illustration for the irregularities that lay in the payment data that has led to payments to compensate the millions of pounds worth missing or underpaid commission. In addition the network provider has been able to make changes to the billing platform so the errors don't reoccur.

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Auditing & Repair

Dance events business Dance Connections had previously commissioned a developer to produce a Booking System for their weekend dance events.
Though the system had stopped working and didn't include any automation.

In providing support the system was audited for errors and all links/broken formulas restored. In addition a separate application to produce the pdf booking fee receipts was created. So they now have a fully working system and save time on sending 50+ emails with pdf attachments.

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The Process

Working Together Every Step of the Way

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Call or email us for a brief chat to discuss your basic requirements.

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We will arrange a time and date if necessary for us to visit you on-site to evaluate your current systems or practices.

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Once we have an understanding of your needs, we will produce a proposal with details of the solution we can offer, the time it will take and the costs involved.

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We will deliver the completed application and if applicable, offer a training session to you and your staff. If there are any additional objectives, find inconsistencies in your data or see other ways to save your business money, we will clearly identify these during the course of the project.

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